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JetBlue’s awesome customer service story

When Paul Brown sent a funny tweet to JetBlue for not having his favourite song in their playlist, no one thought that JetBlue would deliver such a reply. Paul addressed a poem written(apparently on an iphone notes app) to JetBlue’s twitter account. He mentioned about how JetBlue may have given … Explore

doordash story of quick idea validation

Story of DoorDash quickly validating their idea

When Stanley Tang was studying at Stanford, he visited a Macaron store. At that time he was passionate about solving problems of small business owners. While speaking with the owner of the store, Stanley realized that she had this thick booklet of pending orders which people wanted to be delivered, … Explore

AWS example women hustlers blog

How AWS created an aspirational identity to appeal to developers

While I am continuously interviewing exceptional female founders, I realized I had a lot of ‘gyan'(Google it) to be shared. In the same spirit, here’s the first in my series of lessons in marketing. This lesson is about building an aspirational identity of your target segment and then serving that … Explore

women hustlers story misha

My Story – October 2019

Howdy! Friends call me Misha. You may also know me as Pritisha (which is my formal name). I started WomenHustlers some while back in 2019 after having worked for around 6 months before making the domain live. It was in 2018 when I fell in love with reading aspirational and … Explore