My Story – October 2019


Friends call me Misha. You may also know me as Pritisha (which is my formal name).

I started WomenHustlers some while back in 2019 after having worked for around 6 months before making the domain live.

It was in 2018 when I fell in love with reading aspirational and motivating stories of founders setting up and hustling for their business. I scoured through IndieHackers, StarterStory, Failory and more for an endless dose of newer stories.

It was then when I realized that I really liked reading about other women entrepreneurs who were hustling to create ‘real’ profitable businesses.

I wanted to find out self spoken stories of other women(who despite all similar challenges) managed to create and scale their companies. I was personally not extremely fascinated by only VC funded stories(as projected by most media outlets) and therefore decided to start a series of my own.

The idea of WomenHustlers germinated in around January of 2019.

I started reaching out to female founders. And Boy,I found it is difficult.

For an outreach that I thought did not ask for any dollars, it went pretty tough on me. There were rejections and more, and then some more!

There were however positive conversations as well. Those who really appreciated the idea and also agreed to contribute their time to the interviews.

I obviously took some low hanging fruits and reached out to women founders who had already published their interviews elsewhere.

Post that I built a huge list of the ones that I wanted to interview, and started reaching out one by one.

For example, this one with Laura from MeetEdgar took quite some time for me to close.

Or this one with Rebecca was such a pleasure to know about. In fact, Rebecca sent me a real bagtag to my home address as an appreciation token – Flattered!

I realized there was a real impact that a lot of these businesses were creating and therefore deserved to be heard well.

After starting WomenHustlers around July 2019, I truly feel that women across the globe are waiting to tell their stories. I am only being a medium.

I have till yet had 800+ new users, 1500+ sessions, 40-50% bounce rate. I feel this is just a start.

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