How AWS created an aspirational identity to appeal to developers

While I am continuously interviewing exceptional female founders, I realized I had a lot of ‘gyan'(Google it) to be shared.

In the same spirit, here’s the first in my series of lessons in marketing. This lesson is about building an aspirational identity of your target segment and then serving that identity.

Let us look at some brands and their aspirational segment they tap. McDonalds is associated with the enjoyment & togetherness of the entire family. The Body Shop is associated with justice and social equality. Air Asia propagates a feeling of affordable flying. You get the gist!

Let me explain this through the very famous example of Amazon AWS.

AWS understands the very basic concept of aspirational identities amongst your target audience.

So who is Amazon’s target market? It is Developers.

What do developers despise? It is marketers.

Yes, as strange as it may sound, developers dislike marketers. So much so, that they look at marketers as a yammering machine. Yam Yam Yam! Only Talk! And who develops? It is the developers. Who takes the limelight? Marketers.

With this exact insight, AWS team realized that their target audience(developers) connects really well with this created identity of developers – that is – work, and then talk.

Not just this, they also went ahead and attacked the common enemy – which is – guess what -yes, you guessed it right – the marketers! Through their ad copy in this famous billboard below, they help associate marketers with the aspirational identity.

US executes this concept well. They ally with countries who have a common enemy – Ru…..

Having a common enemy brings a feeling of validation. It helps in getting associated with a community. That’s what Amazon does through this ad.

AWS marketing example. Amazon marketing example

What did we learn?

We learned to identify the aspirational identity of your target audience before trying to effectively market to them. We also learned to find out common enemies to build your next community.

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