JetBlue’s awesome customer service story

When Paul Brown sent a funny tweet to JetBlue for not having his favourite song in their playlist, no one thought that JetBlue would deliver such a reply.

Paul addressed a poem written(apparently on an iphone notes app) to JetBlue’s twitter account. He mentioned about how JetBlue may have given up on him by removing “Never Gonna Give You Up” song by Rick Astley

Interestingly, JetBlue replied.

What is even more interesting is that they also apologized by writing their own poem. Here’s the exchange of tweets below.

What this tell us is that while JetBlue could have simply replied (or even apologized) for not having Paul’s favourite song on the playlist. They, however, went up the extra mile to create a poem (exactly the way in which Paul had tweeted to them).

This shows how some brands want to level up the way in which they serve their customers. Here’s how JetBlue replied.

Such acts usually when done with consistency and over time tell much about a brand’s character around customer service.

How do we know this is true?

Lets see another (older) example where JetBlue played well another time. Consistency eh?

Same customer, same company, another setting.

When Paul Brown was flying through a small terminal in Boston, he somehow could not get his hands on his favourite Starbucks coffee.

Trying his luck, he casually tweeted to JetBlue about missing his favourite coffee from Starbucks. JetBlue replied that while they don’t deliver at the Airport, they will try and arrange a different brand’s coffee for him onboard.

Great, right?

However, that’s not that.

@Paulgordonbrown @Starbucks great example of customer service

They actually sent a Starbucks (his favourite one) with this line on the napkin –

“Free snacks and drinks with a side of award-winning service”

And mind you, this is 2013. The first tweet mentioned in this story is of that in 2019. So while Paul Brown and JetBlue have continued their bromance, but it speaks volumes about a brand’s conviction in customer service.

JetBlue may screw up on ground, but they want their customer service to level up.

That’s how many great brands are built bottom’s up. With great customer service.

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